Na pandemia da Covid-19, o Brasil enxerga o SUS


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Abstract The objective of the work was to develop a 70% cocoa chocolate containing ursolic and oleanolic acids isolated from Mansoa hirsuta DC and to evaluate the effects of its consumption on the health of individuals. Physical-chemical, microbiological and sensorial analyzes were made in the chocolates. In order to evaluate the health of individuals, a clinical trial was conducted with the developed chocolate, in which 45 volunteers, during 04 weeks, were divided into three groups: a test group, a placebo group and a control group. The individuals were submitted to laboratory and anthropometric tests on two occasions, before and after the clinical trial weeks. The analyzes revealed that the developed chocolate presented physical-chemical and microbiological characteristics within the standards accepted for bitter chocolate and presented good sensorial acceptance. The results of the clinical trial showed that the volunteers presented reduction in the anthropometric measurements and changes in the laboratory tests.

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