Na corda bamba do trabalho: a instabilidade social e o sofrimento do trabalhador na era da flexibilização / Tightrope at work: social instability and suffering in the age of the wokker flexibility


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Assuming that the recent changes in the workplace affect the quality of lies workers is a cause of mental distress, we seek to understand what mechanisms must be operating for the disorder to initiate and to confirm the statement. Having social instability as a key to reading, we encounter a situation in which we live here and now, off of historical processes and the possibilities of transformation, the tightrope of late, where there is only one alternative, move on to not fall. Densifying the analysis of social instability as a center of transformations, we came in was flexible. In this process, we highlight four elements that we consider central to understand the suffering and mental illness: informality, outsourcing, the intensification of work and flexible subjectivity. Apart of this review, the target of this study was to analyze the state of the art research in mental health and work, which, through secondary sources of scientific research, corroborate our hypothesis by finding a scenario of political instability, economic and social results of several searches. We verified also be concern of Brazilian government and international organization concerned with health and labor relations, even if it has not been possible to observe, so far, the bond of understanding of the instability inherent in this social process.


trabalho aspectos psicológicos servico social reestruturação produtiva capitalista instabilidade saúde e trabalho capitalist productive restructuring instability labor mental health and work serviço social trabalho saúde mental e trabalho

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