Museu, arte e tecnologia: as transformações dos museus contemporâneos influenciadas pelas TIC\ s / Museum, art and technology: transformations of the museum influenced by ICTs in the XXI\ s Century


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This work addresses the theme of the museum space transformations in the context of the Information Society. From the standpoint of theoretical and methodological framework, seeks to establish benchmarks and qualitative aspects that involve cognitive and spatial relationships between the Museum, Art and Technology, provided mainly by the creation of interactive and integrated digital systems. It discusses the possibilities offered by new technologies and their relevance in the social, cultural and art as an aggregator tool and processor functions of Arts and Architecture. It\ s scope understand the processes of creation and development of art and its integration with architecture in the conception of museums that use interactive systems. The study points to a tendency to incorporate these technologies in order to make the public more involved and communicative with art and architecture. Emphasizes the importance of the multidisciplinary aspect designing new museums, it\ s social and cultural aspects, and the strategies of museological space.


architecture arquitetura art arte information and communication technology interactive systems interactivity museu museum sistemas interativos tecnologia da informação e da comunicação

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