Multielement Determination of Macro and Micro Contents in Medicinal Plants and Phytomedicines from Brazil by ICP OES


J. Braz. Chem. Soc.




In this study, the elemental composition of nine medicinal plants and phytomedicines was evaluated by using axial view inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP OES) after three digestion procedures: dry ashing (DA) and two wet digestions with a mineral acid (HNO3/H2O2) mixture on a conventional hot plate (CD), besides microwave digestion (MW). Accuracy was assessed from spinach leaves (CRM 1570a) and recovery values were in the range of 82 to 113.8%. Precisions, such as relative standard deviation (RSD), below 10% were reached. The MW procedure was preferred for its accuracy (recovery values of 94 to 102%), reduced contamination, increase in the efficiency of the decomposition process, lower residual acidity and reduced time required for digestion. The concentrations of analytes in the samples (minimum-maximum in μg g-1) were: Ca (100.71-462.20), Co (0.54-0.85), Cu (0.32-7.82), Fe (2.74-18.03), Mg (18.40-521.28), Mn (0.17-55.14), Ni (0.56-1.25) and Zn (2.96-20.92). The levels of Al, Ba, Cd, Cr, Mo, Pb, Se and V in all investigated samples were found to be below the limit of detection of ICP OES. The multielement analysis by ICP OES showed that the method is simple, fast and reliable for the multielement determination in medicinal plants and phytomedicines.

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