Multi-agent simulation modeling the collective behavior of crowds in panic / Simulação multi-agentes modelando o comportamento coletivo de pânico em multidões


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Sociology deals with organized and institucionalized social behavior. However, a distinct type of behavior becomes more relevant in the social studies field. It is an non-institucionalized behavior called Collective Behavior. Since it is not dictated by norms and social rules, its understanding and the building of a computational model present as challenges. This work proposes a conceptual and computational model based on multi-agent simulation and fuzzy logic for the collective behavior phenomemon called Panic in Crowds, more especifically a fire condition in an isolated environment. After that, the conceptual model is implemented, analyzed and validated, taking into consideration the main aspects of this kind of social behavior. Conclusions are taken and ideas for future works are presented.


pânico em multidões comportamento coletivo estudos sociais engenharias collective behavior social studies crowds in panic

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