"Muitas mais coisas" : telenovela, consumo e genero




This Ph.D. dissertation analyzes the relation between telenovela and the formation of consuming practices, relating it to gender constructions. On the one hand, a telenovela reception ethnography was made among middle and working classes in Montes Claros (in the state of Minas Gerais), with an eight o clock Globo narrative called The Cattle King. This ethnography searches to understand the process in which viewers are transformed into consumers in the interaction with telenovelas. It realizes how TV viewers go through an intense reflexive process when watching telenovelas, reflecting about their own personallives. Telenovelas show conceptions, values and lifestyles which are also used by TV commercials, as well as goods and services they ali promote. In this process, viewers change their conceptions and get used to those values and lifestyles later used by commercials. Telenovelas therefore prepare them to read the commercials and to take part in a consumer society. On the other hand, another research was made amongthe advertising field, both interviewing professionals in São Paulo and analyzing specialized magazines. The dissertation analyzes how this field works in its interaction with television, the constructions of a particular professional knowledge and how ads use many values and conceptions which are also present in telenovelas. Telenovelas are thus seen as a type of sentiment formation in a consumer society


televisão publicidade telenovelas televisão - receptores e recepção sociedade de consumo

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