Moving matter : the illusion of time and the eternal return / Materia em movimento : a ilusão do tempo e o eterno retorno




The eternal return world is the world of the becoming, the world of the difference. In this sense, we are entirely according with the Deleuzian perspective of the Nietzsche s eternal return like the return of a being thought as pure difference. Although, for us, becoming means moving matter and not time, what - in a way, decentralize completely the question. Whether the time is really an enigma, even in the inner of eternal return, even in any other conception, that is because its own nature is paradoxical (that is, in a certain meaning it exists, although it does not exist as something in itself). Our work, therefore, has a double objective: the first one is to reflect about time itself (and for such we dive into several philosophers, and also a little in the physics, to know the way it has been thought); the second is about time inside the eternal return, because here it is where it reaches its obscurity maximum point. In fact, is undeniable that Cronos always evoked in the men a mixed of fascination and horror and that because, independently as he be understood, it is impossible to disconnect him from its deep relation with the existence: here there is his truly tragic character.


eterno retorno matter tempo eternal return materia time

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