Mosaicos de Unidades de Conservação: uma estratégia de conservação para a Mata Atlântica




The destruction of primary vegetation aggravated by human beings is one of the main reasons of biodiversity loss in the entire world. The creation of protected areas, on the other hand, is one of the major strategies for in situ conservation. However, it is not enough to shun the fragmentation, which avoids the free flow of genes and biota movement, required to the maintenance of species, habitats and ecosystems in a long-term basis. In order to circumvent this problem, the National System of Protected Areas in Brazil SNUC has created the arrangement of mosaics, which are able to promote land management with social participation, considering biodiversity conservation. The objective of this dissertation is to examine in which level the good management of protected areas mosaics are able to contribute to biodiversity conservation, primarily in the Atlantic Rainforest biome. To do so, it analyzed mosaics and biologic corridors administration both in Brazil and in foreign countries. It became noticeable that there are, in Brazil and in the world, few experiences related to land management through the mosaic structure, and none of them still allows qualitative evaluations. Even inside the academy, there is no clear evidence concerning the effectiveness of biological corridors, which connect fragments inside the mosaic. Observed experiences allow deducing that mosaics might be, in fact, a good solution for the problem of habitat fragmentation and biodiversity loss. Mosaic structure promotes complementary efforts among several available strategies. There are enough instruments for mosaic land management in Brazil with regard to biodiversity loss. However, they need to be well organized and planed to achieve such a goal of protecting biodiversity. Designers must be aware not only of biophysical elements, but also of socioeconomic e political factors. The flow of genes e biota movement can be obtained through different strategies provided by the mosaic structure, respecting the limits imposed by other land management instruments.


mosaicos unidade de conservação protected area, atlantic rainforest corredor ecológico mata atlântica ecologia mosaic ecological corridor

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