Morfosyntatics aspects of language laklãnõ (Xokleng) Je / Aspectos morfossintaticos da lingua laklãnõ (Xokleng) Je




This dissertation presents the result of a morfosyntactic description on the Laklãnõ (Xokleng) language. The people homonym, speaker of the Laklãnõ, only meets in the State of Santa Catarina (Southern Brazil), in the only territorial area of this ethnic group in the country. Its land is known as Indigenous Land Laklãnõ - Ibirama, and is located partially in four municipalities: José Boiteux, Vítor Meireles, Doutor Pedrinho, and Itaiópolis. The Laklãnõ language belongs to the linguistic family Jê, of the Macro-Jê stock, and have grammatical traces in common with another languages that compose this family. This dissertation presents some preliminary and general information on the Phonology and Syntax of the language for carrying then through the description of some morfosyntactics aspects. Amongst the described aspects, the word s classes (name, verb, pronoun, and article) and the order of the constituents in the independent clauses. With regard to the order in the independent sentences, intransitives, transitives and bi-transitives had been analyzed. By this analysis, it is considered that the basic order of the assertive clauses in Laklãnõ is SOV. However, even in assertives, the structure can vary, dislocating the Subject, but never changing the position of the Direct Object in relation to the Verb. A preliminary survey was experienced to show the syntactic-semantic relations between the marks of Subject and the marks of Aspect


indians laklãnõ language lingua laklãnõ indios

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