Monitoramento estatístico da qualidade da água de sistemas de distribuição / Statistical monitoring of water quality for distribution systems




The present work has detached the importance of application of statistical techniques for management water quality data. The goal of this work is to detect water quality variations and thus to relate water distribution systems problems in order to identify the need of preventive maintenance. For this purpose, it proposes to use non-parametric statistical approaches to investigate environmental problems. Specifically, it has been adopted nonparametric and non-paired tests of Mann-Whitney to compare water quality parameters such as pH, free chlorine residual, color and turbidity. Such methodology is applied to supply system of Campo Grande municipality. The sampling points are located at water treatment plant output and points distributed in the system. Results of tendency analyses that consider seasonal variations, local extremes and legal requirements suggest to improve the data management of water quality in order to elaborate long and medium term planning.


sistema de distribuição de água qualidade da água engenharia sanitaria statistical approaches análise estatística water distribution systems water quality

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