Monitoramento de gases causadores do efeito estufa em reservatorios de usinas hidroeletricas




The proposal of this work was to evaluate, through field experiments using na static chamber, the contribuition of hydroelectric power generation to the greenhouse effect due to the evasion/invasion of CO2 at the water/air interface of reservoirs. The developde procedure uses na static chamber to colect CO2, what is then measured with the help of Flow Injection Analysis coupled to a condutctometric detector, adapted to perform field analysis. The experimental results were compared to the ones generated using mathematical models, and discrepancies in these results suggest that CO2 diffusion constant has to be reevaluated. The reservoirs of Barra Bonita, Álvaro Souza Lima and Mário Lopes Leão power plants, all of them in the Tietê River, São Paulo State, were measured in differents times places within the reservoir as well as in diel profiles... Note: the complete abstract is avaiable with the link or full eletrocin digital theses or dissertations.


dioxido de carbono usinas hidreletricas efeito estufa

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