Molecular diversity of HLA-DR4 haplotypes.


Complementary DNA (cDNA) clones encoding beta chains of the DR and DQ regions and alpha chains of the DQ region were isolated and sequenced from four homozygous DR4 cell lines of different HLA-D types: GM3103(Dw4), FS(Dw10), BIN(Dw14), and KT3(Dw15). When compared with each other and with a previously published sequence from a DR4 (Dw13 cell line), the variability of DR beta 1 gene products is generally restricted to the region around amino acid position 70, with an additional polymorphism at position 86. Many of these differences, including an unusual amino acid substitution at position 57 in the Japanese cell line KT3(Dw15), may be due to gene conversion events from the DR beta 2 or DX beta genes. In contrast, DR beta 2 molecules are identical in Dw15, Dw10, and Dw4 cell lines. DQ beta chains isolated from GM3103(Dw4), FS(Dw10), and BIN40(Dw14) are also identical. However, the DQ beta sequence from cell line KT3(Dw15) differs substantially from all other previously reported DQ beta alleles, consistent with its serological designation, DQ "blank." The first domain sequences of DQ alpha chains were identical in all four cell lines. The data suggest that relatively circumscribed amino acid changes in the DR beta 1 molecule are responsible for the HLA-D typing differences between some haplotypes.

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