"Modernizei meu choro sem descuidar do roteiro tradicional" : tradição e inovação em K-ximbinho (Sebastião Barros)




This research aims to analyze and understand, alongside with the music produced by K-ximbinho, the contexts through which the composer was immersed, noticing key elements to his development, such as people with whom he lived and ones that influenced his musical training and professional performance. It also proposes a reflection on the notion of musical meaning from the composer point of view, which defines genre and musical practice, establishing criteria to promote modernization and innovation of Samba and Choro by the presence of Jazz in his works. Processes and issues related to the mixture of musical and extra-musical elements, based here primarily by the Garcia Canclinis concept of cultural hybridization and globalization.


choro jazz k-ximbinho cultural hybridization jazz hibridação cultural choro musica k-ximbinho

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