Modelos de depleção para reservatorios de oleo espumo / Depletion models for foamy oil reservoirs




Fields in Canada and Venezuela, which contain foamy oil reservoirs, have exhibited a primary oil recovery on the order of 10 to 15 % greater than the recovery estimated by black-oil simulators. Besides the high oil recovery, other unusual characteristics have been observed, as low gas-oil ratio and high reservoir pressure maintenance. Such discrepancy between estimated and the actual oil recovery factor is attributed to the fact that black-oil simulators do not describe adequately gas behavior in foamy oils. In the present study, three numerical models of foamy oil behavior are described and compared using the pseudo-compositional simulator CMG Stars. These models allow describing the steps of gas evolution, since the nucleation of the gas bubbles, the bubble growing, until its connection to form a free phase, via kinetic reactions. The model admits the presence of different forms of gas ? solution gas, entrained gas, dispersed gas and free gas ? in the oil and gas phases. The mobility of the gas phase is evaluated by a composition of relative permeability curves. After the study on the influence of some parameters, some typical characteristics of the foamy oil reservoirs are explained, as the low gas production, the dispersed gas flow, the high critical gas saturation and the high oil production rates


engenharia do petroleo oil reservoir engineering engenharia do petroleo computer reservoirs simulation foamy oil engenharia de reservatorio de oleo simulation simulação (computadores) petroleo foamy oil flow gas evolution petroleum reservatorios (simulação)

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