Modelo para avaliação da gestão municipal integrada de residuos solidos urbanos / Model for evaluation of integrated urban solid waste management




The present work aims at the development of an integrated solid urban waste management model highlighting the sustainability and the development of a methodology for evaluation of municipal waste management system. A field work was conducted in the cities selected for testing and validating the proposed methodology. The research range included the 20 cities that form the basin of the Sorocaba River - UGRHI - 10. The IGR - Waste Management Rating was proposed to measure the waste management level conducted by the cities. This rating establishes patterns that allow the comparison between the waste management levels conducted in the researched locations. The application of the model allows to diagnose the condition of the urban waste in the cities regarding its generation, its collecting, its treatment and its final destination of the city waste, as well as the strategy and technology level of their management. This work intends to generate data and information base that can contribute to the creation of public policies, strategies and actions directed to improvement and optimization of the evaluated systems. The obtained results showed that the methodology developed was appropriate to the proposed evaluation. The application of the model and methodology can promote the development and improvement of the waste condition and contribute to the minimization of the environmental impacts caused by the inadequate generation and final destination of the solid urban waste


indicadores ambientais integrated solid waste gestão ambiental management ratings urban solid waste residuos solidos planejamento urbano management model

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