Modelo distribuído para agregação de armazenamento em redes de sensores sem fio=Distributed model for storage aggregation in wireless sensor networks / Distributed model for storage aggregation in wireless sensor networks


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Storage management of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is a very critical issue in terms of system s lifetime. While WSNs host a vast storage capacity on the aggregate, that capacity cannot be used entirely. Eventually, the entire network may fail when the first sensor has its own storage capacity depleted, leaving behind a large amount of unutilized storage capacity. We suggest that sensors should be able to detect unutilized storage capacity in order to prolong their functionality. However, for large scale WSNs this can be a difficult task, since sensors may not be aware of the existence of others. This work has two main contributions: an optimization of the overall storage capacity for large scale WSNs and a novel routing approach of deterministic "random" walk. We present a new storage model by building "on - demand" Distributed Storage Chains (DSC). These chains represent partnership between sensors that share their storage capacity. As a result, sensors are no longer subjected to their own storage limitations but to the total amount of available storage in the WSN. We construct these chains via deterministic walks over our suggested topology. However, we show that these walks resemble the behavior of random walks and are therefore highly efficient in terms of locating available storage.


sistemas de telecomunicação algoritmos distribuídos passeios aleatorios telecommunication systems distributed algorithms random walk

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