Modelo de negócios: proposição de um metamodelo conceitual / Business Model: a conceptual metamodel proposition


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




An organization has as core role to generate surpluses financially aligned to its environment. A more integrated and broad approach regarding to the existing interactions among enterprise and environment is capital to the corporate success. The complex Business Model appears as designer of concepts, elements, drivers and nuances related to the businesses research. With this broad and structured approach, the Business Model proposes integrated, driven and focused analysis of how environment does influence an organizational behavior and how this influence is internally perceived, read and translated into strategies and tactics. Based on the intention of study the topic, the research aimed to collect and structure theoretical material found onto the specific literature. A focused survey was conducted, considering whole aspects described by the authors. After organizing rationally the theory, a conceptual metamodel is proposed. This metamodel craves to incorporate the influencer and component elements of a Business Model, being the influencers: Sustainability, Economy, Technology, Political, Regulatory and Legal Aspects and Sociocultural Aspects; and the component elements: Integrated Analysis, Internal Analysis, Strategy, Value and Innovation. From the funded material, main points and key variables to understand were listed. Thus, these points and variables were verified in the market, by a survey within the national economy. The individual and cross analysis between these case studies and the proposed metamodel suggest that organizations are spending some energy and attention on influencer elements, as well as on the entrepreneurial strategic planning. The great contribution of the metamodel relies on the chance to support and increase self analytical and aware capacity of the executives, regarding to their own businesses, showing this structure that allocates those elements by an integrated and easily understand way. There are many opportunities to increment the Business Model study; one of them is to research the interactions of the listed elements and the overcome translation inside the Business Model.


abordagem integrada em organizações business model estratégia integrated approach in organizations modelo de negócios strategy

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