Modelo de gestión de calidad en proyectos de investigación y desarrollo en el ámbito de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional acorde a la norma internacional ISO 10006: 2003


Avaliação: Revista da Avaliação da Educação Superior (Campinas)




This paper examines the situation of research in Argentina, specifically, at the National Technological University. The normative referred to the research since the creation of the National Technological University up to the present time. The comments formulated by the National University Evaluation and Accreditation Committee about the state of research and development in the accreditation of programs were analyzed. Based on a survey taken by researchers from the Avellaneda and Buenos Aires Regional Colleges, the need of improving the forms for presenting projects arose. Different international guidelines were analyzed and it was concluded that the most appropriate standard to be used as reference was the ISO 10006:2003 (Quality Management Systems. Guidelines for Project Quality Management). This standard was studied and the way in which to interpret each chapter at the ambit of the National Technological University was explained. The present forms were adapted and a preliminary model was obtained, which was validated in four research groups. The result of the validation showed possibilities of improvements that were applied to the final model for project presentation.

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