Modelling and Optimization for Heat Treatment of Al-Si-Mg Alloy Prepared by Indirect Squeeze Casting Based on Response Surface Methodology


Mat. Res.




The purpose of the present study is to model and analyze heat treatment process of Al-Si-Mg alloy prepared by indirect squeeze casting. The combined effects of whole heat treatment process, including solution treatment temperature, solution treatment time, ageing temperature and ageing time, on Vickers hardness, were investigated. The non-linear mathematical model has been developed through Box-Behnken design based on response surface methodology. The results of ANOVA tests have proven the model is capable of making accurate predictions and statistically adequate. The significance tests show all four process parameters significantly affect response value and the relationship might be non-linear in nature. The dimensional response surface and matching contour plots are drawn, establishing an evaluation of the interaction effects of process parameters. The optimum heat treatment process is found as solution treatment temperature of 540.28ºC, solution treatment time of 7.55h, ageing temperature of 174.23ºC, and ageing time of 8.61h.

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