Modeling solidification and mushy zone deformation of alloys


Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering




The deformation of the partially solidified strand during near net shape continuous casting of thin slabs is only one example of a technologically important process where a mushy zone is mechanically altered in order to achieve improved grain structures and homogeneity. However, the phenomena occurring during plastic deformation of a solidifying mush are poorly understood, have not been observed directly, and have not been modeled in detail. A mathematical model that predicts the temperature and solid fraction profiles, liquid concentration evolution, and solid phase displacement during the deformation of a solidifying mush is presented. This model is derived considering a two-dimensional case, the volume averaging method, the enthalpy technique, and a coordinate transformation to avoid a changing mesh in a numerical solution. The numerical results are found to match the experimental behavior of metallic alloys during solidification with or without deformation.

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