"Modelagem e estabilidade de reatores cataliticos de leito fluidizado"




The work described in the present thesis is an extension of a continuous idealizaed fluidized bed chemical reactor. By "idealized" was meant the presence in the reactor of only a homogeneous phasecontaining both particles and gas perfectly mixed. In order to remain in the scope of a M.Sc.thesis, we will only consider the steady state cases and also only catalytic reactions either single with a non-decaying catalyst case, in shich the catalyst circulation is primarily. Still mention two consecutive catalyst reactions with no catalyst decay which occurs often for oxidation formed in this type of reactor, where the intermediate product is desired. Usually the studies carried out on this type of reactor assume an isothermal system. However, since the industrial reactors grew large and since some chemical reactions release or absorb very large amount of heat, it became more difficult to obtain isothermal systems. Hence in the present work only non-isothermal reactors will be considered.


engenharia quimica fluidificação reatores fluidizados

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