Modelagem e analise dinamica de sistemas de proteção de redes de distribuição de energia eletrica na presença de geradores sincronos / Modeling and dynamic analysis of distribution network protection systems in the presence of synchronous generators




Recently, the need for the development of protection device dynamic models for analysis of distribution network protection systems has increased due to the usage of distributed generators. Therefore, the objective of this dissertation is to develop a dynamic model library torepresent the main relays used in the subtransmission and distribution network protection systems in the presence of synchronous generators. The developed models can be used with transient electromagnetic programs (close loop), in order to analyze the influence of the protection system on the network performance, or individually (open loop), in order to investigate new algorithms as well as to validate the models. The developed models are sufficiently detailed to conduct researches on distribution network protection in the presence of distributed generators, however, in the same time, they are simple enough to be used to teach undergraduate and graduate students. The models were developed to use with Matlab/Simulink. As a result, they can be used with several electromagnetic transient programs such as PSCAD/EMTDC, SimPowerSystems, and ATP. The developed models were validated by comparing the results obtained through simulation with the performance of real, commercial relays. Moreover, two approaches were used to validate the models. In the first one, field data obtained from relay oscillograms were used as an input to the developed models. Then, the commercial relay behavior was compared with simulated relay. In the second approach, voltage and current signals were generated by using the ATP. Then, these signals were used to verify the behavior of the commercial relays, through an amplifier, and of the developed model. The results show that the developed models are accurate enough to determine the behavior of commercial relays


geração distribuida de energia eletrica maquinas eletricas sincronas protection systems sistemas de energia eletrica - proteção energia eletrica - distribuição dynamic analysis distribution network reles de proteção distributed generation relay models

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