Modelagem conceitual da memória organizacional integrando processos de negócios com a engenharia do conhecimento




This article describes a methodology for the enterprise knowledge modeling and the maintenance of an Organizacional Memory (OM). Its based on integration of management practices with information systems and knowledge engineering technologies. Our goal is aid the modeling of the organizacional knowledge and the conceptual foundations of an OM, starting from the strategic thought until the perception of the inherent knowledge to the business processes and the usefulness of intelligent agents as OM builders. As important contributions highlighted: (1) the integration and support to use of Knowledge Engineering techniques that facilitate the discovery and acquisition of the knowledge on how business work and how they are organized; (2) the identification of inherent important knowledge sources to the business process, starting from which new information systems, knowledge based systems and decision support systems can be developed.


sistema de informaÇÃo gerencial - dissertaÇÕes cultura organizacional - dissertaÇÕes sistemas de informacao

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