Modelado numérico del socavado lateral en procesos de soldadura


Materials Research




When welded joints have to meet particular requirements related to fatigue life they are usually designed using the so called S-N design curves. This implies the construction of a curve for each particular design. From the point of view of the user, it is often difficult to establish accurately which is the curve that better fits the design that is being considered. The so called " local approach " is based on the concept that the fatigue strenght of welded joints is essentially determined by the local stress and strain in the " hot spots ". These spots are located in the geometric discontinuities of the joint. Through this approach is possible to consider the possibility of constructing and using only one curve of design or " key curve ", for a given material. In this case the design parameter is the local stress or strain instead of the nominal stress. In the present work the lateral defect is modeled with fillet welds using the local approach combined with the finite elements method. A data base of Kt for different dimensionless geometric relations is generated, and from these results an analytical function for the value of the concentrator is interpolated. Finally the contour plots that were generated help reducing the number laboratory tests needed for the determination of Kt.

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