Mineralogical Characterization of Iron Ore Tailings from the Quadrilatero Ferrifero, Brazil, by Eletronic Quantitative Mineralogy


Mat. Res.




The mineralogical characterization studies search for the best processing route, with the lowest environmental impact, aiming to improve the use of mineral resources. The electronic quantitative mineralogy (EQM) provides quickly and accurately great information about the characteristics of these materials. This work aims to characterize iron ore tailings by EQM as the main tool. It has selected seven samples of itabirite ores flotation tailings from the main mining regions of the Quadrilatero Ferrifero, Brazil. All samples were mostly composed by quartz and iron minerals, with a low presence of mixture particles of these minerals - less than 20% of the sample mass. Due to the difference between the size of particles of quartz and iron minerals, it has observed an opportunity to reprocess the fractions -37µm + 5µm of the studied tailings, with a potential recovery of 12% of the total sample mass generated for AM4, AM6 and AM7 and more than 5% for samples AM1, AM2, AM3 and AM5.

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