Minerador WEB: a study on mechanisms of discovery of information in the WEB. / Minerador WEB: um estudo sobre mecanismos de descoberta de informações na WEB.




The World Wide Web (Web) has a huge amount and a large diversity of informations. There is a big appeal to people navigate on the Web to search for a desired information. On the other hand, due to this huge amount of data, we are faced with the fundamental problems of how to discover and how to reach the desired information in a efficient way. If there is no efficient mechanisms to find informations, the use of the Web as a useful source of information becomes very restrictive. Another important problem to overcome is the lack of a regular structure of the information in the Web, making difficult the use of usual information search methods. In this work it is presented a study of alternative techniques for information search. Several concepts of information retrieval and knowledge representation are applied. A primary goal is to analyse the efficiency of information retrieval methods using analysis of extensional information and probabilistic methods like Naive Bayes to classify sites among a pre-defined classes of sites.Another goal is to design a logic based knowledhe base, in order to enable a user to apply more complex queries than queries based simply on expressions using keywouds and logical connectives


representation of the knowledge extraction of information representação do conhecimento computação e sistemas digitais artificial intelligence discovery of the knowledge inteligência artificial web mining ontology ontologia descoberta do conhecimento web mining extração de informação

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