Microstructural Path Analysis of Martensite Dimensions in FeNiC and FeC Alloys


Mat. Res.




The properties of steels that undergo martensite transformation after or during processing depend on characteristics and arrangement of martensite units within the microstructure. In this work, the global microstructure descriptors of martensite transformation are related to the individual dimensions of the martensite units, the "intrinsic dimensions", – radius, thickness and aspect ratio – compensated for interactions among those units. In other words, the dimensions a martensite unit would have if it grew without impingement. This is accomplished by means of the microstructural path method. The methodology was applied to experimental data of martensite transformation in FeNiC and FeC alloys. The analysis of martensite dimensions permitted observing that the microstructural path of martensite includes a thermally activated step. We conclude that this thermally activated step does not mean that martensite itself has thermally activated growth step but that arrest of the martensite thickening process, owing to dislocation interaction with the interface motion may be thermally activated.

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