Michel Foucault, educação e formação do sujeito




This work aimed to search the historical formation of the concept of modern subjectivity in the western society, questioning the conception that places man as unitarian, independent, individual, knowledgeable being and object of its knowledge in which reason bases its, by analyzing its implications with education and individuals formation. We will search the concept of modern subjectivity in the historical analyses of the subjectivity of the social practices undertaken by Michel Foucault experiences in the Greco-roman antiquity, in the first centuries of the Christian era and the formation of the modern individual manufactured by the scientific discourse. History and subjectivity are tied for philosophical dominions, in the analyses of the knowledge presented in the social practices, we can reinterrogate the knowledge, the individual and the conditions which transforms it into an individual with knowledge. We observe that the practice of taking care of itself are elements which constitute the subjectivity in the ancient history. Substantiating on the existence of an individual who postulates the truth through ethical procedures, which regulates itself and the others. In the modernity, social practices are revealed in the scientific knowledge led for the Human Sciences, that order the game of the representations of the subject as an object and knowledge.


subjetividade educacao subjectivity education educação social practices práticas sociais

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