Metodo de atualização multi-coluna inverso para sistemas não-lineares




In this work it is introduced new quasi-Newton methods for solving largescale nonlinear systems of equations. In these methods q (>1) columns of the approximation of the inverse Jacobian matrix are updated, in such a way that the q last secant equations are satisfied (when it is possible) at every iteration. The new methods obtained are called a q-Columns Inverse Updating Method. It is also shown an optimal maximum value for q, that makes the method competitive. It is proposed a right implementation from the point of view of linear algebra and numerical stability. It is presented a local convergence analysis for the case n = 2 and several numerical comparative tests with other quasiNewton methods, in particular the ICUM (Inverse Column Updating Methods) are presented


programação não-linear metodos iterativos (matematica) calculos numericos

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