Metaheurística para o Problema de Planejamento de Redes de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica com Redimensionamento / Metaheuristics for the transmission expansion planning problem with redesign


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




At times, the electrical load in dierent areas varies, claiming the construction of new electric generators and the expansion of the electrical transmission network. In this dissertation we focus on the transmission expansion planning problem, assuming that new generators are built to meet the new demands. This expansion requires large investments, which need to be carefully planned. This problem can be modeled as a mixed nonlinear programming problem, considered to be a NP-hard problem. Therefore a heuristic approach may be appropriate for its solution because it might be able to provide good solutions in satisfactory computational time. This dissertation intends to present a study of both the static and multistage transmission expansion planning problem. We present rst a review of the most interesting works found in the technical literature. Then, we present metaheuristics for the static and multistage problems with re-design. These metaheuristics extend known algorithms for the problems without re-design. For the static problem, we extend a GRASP procedure and for the multistage problem, we embed the GRASP (or an exact method) into a backward-forward algorithm. We test our algorithms on real-based power transmission networks and compare them to the results found in the litterature.


ciencia da computacao metaheurística planejamento de redes redes de transmissão otimização combinatória otimização combinatória redes elétricas programação heurística transmission network combinatorial optimization network design meta- heuristics

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