Memórias de leituras literárias de jovens e adultos Alagoinhenses.




The present work discourses on a practical experience of pedagogical carried through with twenty-five pupils of School Adalgisa Santos School in Alagoinhas city, using the literary text in the Adult and Youth Education and it questions the way of appropriation reading of the literary for this public of the nocturnal school, seeking the creation of didactic-methodological proposals for the formation of the reading citizen in Portuguese language. For this, the text defends the insertion of the literary reading in the classrooms of youth and adults Education, pointing out that this can be a viable alternative for education and learning of the schooled literary text. Leaving from this principle the discussion goes back to the viability of the literary reading in the Brazilian school, as a basic instrument that supports the process of humanization of the man from the dialogue that the school can establish with constructed knowledge from these learners in their life contexts and formation. Two objectives have been used as starting point for the production of this work: the first one, as an ample matrix, was to observe as the pupils of the youth education and also adults as if they appropriated of the literary text from literary experiences and, since then elaborate a conceptual approach that could offer subsidies to the interested ones in the reading and in the formation of readers. The second objective, more specific, and due to the first one was to create a proposal of literary activities for classes of EJA, being involved the most varied literary texts, seeking the improvement of the students proper capacity of reading of the adult and youths Education. For attainment of these objectives taken as methodological dimension the participants observation in the measure where I set to watch, to hear, to interpret and to understand the reality of the group that I chose to develop the experience. This way, we have carried through a ethnographic research of qualitative nature of phenomenological inspiration with hermeneutic resource, developed from the practical one of the work field. When trying to penetrate in plural forms of life, this study analyzed the construction processes and fomentation to the reading in adult and youngs education, taking as theoretical base the socio-interacionism of Mikhail Bakhtin, the notion of unfinished of the citizen claimed for Paulo Freire and the concept of desire produced by Jacques Lacan. Therefore, this text if characterizes as the place of results, therefore if it presents as the accomplishment of the research from the elaboration of the proposal of literary experiences for the classrooms of youth and adults education.


leitura literária educacao literary reading ensino teach literacy letramento

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