Mediation: how to insert it in Brazilian civil procedure / Mediação: proposta de implementação no processo civil brasileiro.




The present work tackles the insertion of alternative dispute resolution methods in civil procedure, and proposes to consider these methods as procedural techniques focused on obtaining the scope of the jurisdiction, taken essentially as a public function towards the pacification of disputes. The fundamental institutes of civil procedure are presented from a new reading in the field, seeking effective solutions and considering the scope of pacification as a substantial scope of jurisdiction, thereby justifying the introduction of supplementary means for the resolution of disputes focusing on the promotion of a consensual resolution of disputes. The subject of study of civil procedure is hence to some extent broadened. In view of the necessity to aggregate new institutes in order to attain the scopes of the process, the alternative dispute resolution methods are henceforth treated not as mere jurisdiction equivalents but as tools of the very procedure system for the attainment of its scopes. This leads to the widening of the subject of the science of civil to the modification of programme contents in the Colleges of Law and to the building of a new law professional. Negotiation, conciliation, neutral early evaluation and mediation fall within the methods used to resolve disputes, particular emphasis being laid on the latter due to the extent of its application and the techniques used. The theoretical foundations of mediation, the main techniques used and the recommended procedure to be observed for a proper execution of this form of resolution of controversies are presented. Once completed the description of those methods, we shall move onto the experience of the application of alternative means as a supplementary form in civil proceedings, while highlighting more particularly the legal discipline established in the United States of America and in Argentina. This work then culminates with the presentation of a schedule for the insta1lation of additional mediation sectors alongside the judicial system, while tackling the recruitment of mediators, the necessary qualification, the role played by law professionals in this enterprise and the work methodology employed, all of which from the legal bases existing in our ordinance and the success of the case management project elaborated by CEBEPEJ - the Brazilian Judicial Studies and Research Centre. The wide use of mediation as a pacification tool for the attainment of the scopes of jurisdiction is a1ready possible, regardless of the specific legislation itself, although the institutionalisation may constitute an important tool for the release and implementation of mediation in our society. The purpose of this study was to set the theoretica1 bases and practices of the use of mediation as a tool to attain the scopes of jurisdiction, and mainly that of pacification from a differentiated viewpoint of dispute and from the necessity of qualifying a new legal professional by incorporating supplementary methods into civil proceedings for the resolution of disputes marked by the trait of an interdisciplinary approach, hereby making it possible to reach the civil procedure aspired to: an effective and diligent proceeding turned most and foremost towards the pacification of the parties in dispute.


conciliação (processo civil) adjudication and its alternatives mediation and conciliation jurisdição civil conciliation (civil procedure) conflict resolution solução de conflito civil jurisdiction alternative dispute resolution mediação e conciliação

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