Mecanismos de controle da hidratação da magnésia visando sua utilização em concretos refratários / Control mechanisms for the hydration reaction aiming its use in refractory castables




The increasing demand in the last years enhanced significantly the steel industry production As a consequence, most of the aspects regarding its production had to be reviewed aiming an optimum output. Concerning this goal, the reducing in equipments idle time on refractory lining maintenance or replacement can be seen as an interesting technological advantages. Achieve better refractory is an accord named gain-gain for both: steel and refractory industry. For steel industry because the more refractory last, the more steel is produced and in the refractory industry because they can increase the aggregate value of their products. In this context, the development of MgO based monolithic refractory has widespread aiming to achieve a matching of advantages, such as absence of joins, facility of installation and repair, high basic slag corrosion resistance and high refractoriness. However, due to the hydration reaction of magnesia forming Mg(OH)2, its application in refractory area is limited. If this problem would be solved, superior properties for the refractories can be achieved. This work aimed to:1) Analyze the aspects that could affect the MgO hydration reaction and 2) Highlight additives that could minimize its drawbacks and,, at the same time, being viable concerning the real applications.


hidratação concretos refratários Óxido de magnésio engenharia de materiais e metalurgica materiais refratários

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