Mecanismo de desenvolvimento limpo(mdl):uma análise da regulação de conflitos socio ambientais do projeto plantar.




The obtainment of minimum consensus, on the world level, for the greenhouse gases reduction and, therefore, for the global warming, involved years of negotiations between state and non-state actors, arriving to the formulation of the Kyoto Protocol, in force since 2005. However, it wasnt able to mitigate the social and environmental conflicts at the time of its application. In this dissertation seeks to present the conflicts, interests and logical actions involved in the stages of preparation, validation and approval of a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project, one of the flexibility instruments brought by the Protocol. The Plantar Project analysis, the first CDM project in Brazil to negotiate credits in the carbon market, illustrated various levels of environmental governance: local, regional, national and international. Through extensive literature search, document analysis, semi- structured and structured interviews, and no participant observation, it was tried to verify the strategies for political- institutional relations firm used by the proposer, the Plantar SA, to regulate the social conflict existing and thereby legitimize itself in front of their stakeholders, seeking its CDM project approval. Effectively, the company needed to adopt different mechanisms, as substantial improvements in its politic- institutional relationships, the adoption of public relations strategies, the increase of its social and environment management and the expansion of its political participation with other companies in the industry and the Brazilian government, seeking to influence the construction of public policies related to the CDM. Definitely, the Plantar Project represents a rich analysis case on the extent of interests involved in environmental governance, which covers economic, cultural and ideological aspects.


environmental governance conflitos socioambientais mecanismo de desenvolvimento limpo - projeto plantar social and environme ntal conflicts governança ambiental relacionamento políticoinstitucional clean development mechanism - plantar project political and institutional relationship administracao

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