Mapping and analysis of urban green areas as urban environment quality indicator : case study of Paulinia-SP, Brazil / Mapeamento e analise das areas verdes urbanas como indicador da qualidade ambiental urbana : estudo de caso de Paulinia-SP




This work had as objective contribute to studies related to spatial planning thorough the mapping and analysis of urban green areas as urban environmental quality indicator using geospatial technologies to support public policies to the Paulinia city, state of São Paulo. The methodology used in this study was effective for mapping and analysis of the spatial configuration of urban green areas of the city. The mapping of these areas revealed that its distribution is heterogeneous, and that the majority is in the form of small fragments of woody vegetation remaining. The results indicate that the city has shown a high reduction of natural vegetation since their emancipation, and consequently presents a low quantity of green areas in urban areas. The decreasing of natural vegetation rate, as well as urban green areas, is only seen as one among many problems which have been arisen as resulted of the space unequal appropriation process in Paulínia. The calculation of green areas rates per inhabitant in each census tract allowed a differentiated analysis of availability of green areas per inhabitant in the city. The spatial distribution of influence areas of urban green areas in Paulinia revealed the lack of these areas in some localities and the need for protection of green areas, since the extent of these areas that may benefit through their ecological functions, aesthetic and of leisure. A detailed analysis of three green areas in Paulínia revealed the importance of qualitative analysis in the study of green areas of the city. The research helped establish the importance of the functions of green areas for urban environmental quality


urban movement quality arborização urbana paulinia (sp) mapping environment qualidade ambiental urban afforestation mapeamento do meio ambiente

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