Management the project in Archaeology / Gestão em projetos de arqueologia




The Archaeology adopted a position of extreme importance nowadays and, especially, the archaeology of projects linked to the impacted enterprises for the environment by reason of exigencies of Brazilian Legislation. That growth has favored the appearance of new projects and different views about the archaeological science and the Brazilian cultural patrimony. However, many projects don t get to express their efficiency and efficacy not for lack of will of the involveds, but by difficulty of the process that envelop them, when not for the management incapacity of such projects. Before this, the objective is to show that the management in archaeology projects is the way that will possibility a better result and the success of archaeological projects. This management is based in the foundation of the preventive archaeology, with the use of the management technique PDCA - ( Plan ), D ( Do ), C ( Check ), A ( Action ) applied to the archaeology projects, what will permit a envelopment with an inter and a transdisciplinariety proportioning an opening and a transparency of the archaeology projects. The Archaeology action has the function of create active interlocutor elements, opening windows through the senses, creators of perceptions and connections with the world. Understand, include, organize, form, compute means to learn how to do complex nets, dynamic and systemic. The management in the archaeology projects when integrant of multiple dimensions of human being, is result of a reflexive archaeology, that look for an approach more complex of the archaeological science and amplify the possibilities of repercussion, understood in a local and global perspective.


environment archaeology legislação legislation meio ambiente arqueologia patrimônio cultural management cultural patrimony gestão

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