Machado de Assis: a poetics of contrasts - short stories of tragic and laughter / Machado de Assis: uma poética de contrastes - contos do trágico e do riso




Machado de Assis literature presents a duality between tragic and comic, which this dissertation aims to explore and understand. The investigation of such aspects has been divided in two parts: the first one approaches Machados work as a whole, with no focus on any text in particular; the second part, through the analysis of three short stories, points out the coexistence of those two contrasting characteristics. Since Machado adopts a variety of literary genres, we deem it necessary to analyse both the theater and the menippean satire he has put into use to create such short stories, thus our concern in evaluating them.


comic theater short story cosmovisão world view conto trágico machado de assis cômico tragic machado de assis sátira menipéia menippean satire teatro

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