Los estudios sobre el ambiente y la ciencia ambiental


Scientiae Studia




The existence of an environmental science is recognized in books, journals of science as well as in undergraduate and graduate studies. Its existence, however, is unknown either literally or indirectly when, for instance, its contribution to topics connected to the science and technology of sustainability is not considered. This background is presented in this paper and connected to its objective, which is to elucidate the existence and structure of the environmental science. To this goal, I analyse the relationship of the disciplines with the complex dimension of the environment as their object and the methodological aspects derived from it. In order to contribute to such conceptual clarification, I identify the various meanings of environment usually included in the bibliography. In addition, I discuss other aspects connected to multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity together with the epistemic status of the environmental science. I conclude that a higher conceptual accuracy grounded upon a framework shared by the disciplines studying the environment, including the environmental science, and the various actors involved in environmental questions will favor the refinement of the methodologies tending to diminish the fragmentation of related research and the applications for their resolution.

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