Los entornos de aprendizaje inmersivo y la enseñanza a ciber-generaciones


Educ. Pesqui.




Abstract Despite the fact that technology is a core tool for teaching and learning, technological advances and its applications even demand greater dissemination and socialization, especially within the teachers’ community in developing countries. This article systematizes a virtual learning state-of-the-art and describes the more important technological advances underlying virtual environments. Our assumption was that developing countries have a signifying gap in using technological advances for educational purposes. Using heuristic and hermeneutic strategies, we explore research in developed countries trying to identify real possibilities of virtual environment for K-12 education (primary and secondary school) for both countries: Colombia and Mexico. In addition, we designed a map to compile concepts and associate them. Results suggest that simSchool has a great potential for being used as an educational platform, particularly for remote courses and different groups. Latin American countries must make greater efforts in order to frame their education systems into the immersive dynamic.

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