Los contenidos de la formación parental y sus implicaciones en el comportamiento de los adolescentes: elementos desde una revisión


Saude soc.




Abstract Parents seek support to cope with the challenges their adolescents face. The objective of this paper is to analyze the topics addressed in the training of parents and their relation with adolescent behavioral tendencies. A qualitative review of interventions and programs focused on strengthening the parenting process was carried out, establishing a concentration on the regulatory, communicative and emotional aspects of the parent-child relationship. Through a quantitative analysis, it was also identified that the topics addressed have significant effects on adolescents, such as the reduction of behavioral problems, adequate management of sexuality and a decrease in the tendency to use substances. With this considered, it is possible to state that parental training can be addressed in different formats according to the objectives and conditions available, which can represent important benefits for the healthy development of adolescents.

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