Long-term efficacy of primary laser trabeculoplasty.


Sixty glaucomatous eyes of 60 patients treated with laser trabeculoplasty as primary therapy were reviewed retrospectively. There were 42 eyes with capsular glaucoma and 18 with simple glaucoma. The mean prelaser intraocular pressure (IOP) was 35.2 (SD = 6.5) mmHg. Success was defined as IOP less than or equal to 22 mmHg without medication. The probability of success was 0.73 at 1 year, 0.66 at 2 years, 0.57 at 3 years, and 0.50 at 4 years. Three eyes experienced progressive visual field loss or disc damage in spite of an intraocular pressure below 22 mmHg without medication. High prelaser pressure and the severity of the visual field defects were significant predictors of treatment failure.

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