Lobação e distribuição bronquial e arterial do pulmão da paca (Agouti paca, Linnaeus, 1766) / Lobation, bronchial and arterial distribution in lungs of the paca (Agouti paca, Linnaeus, 1766)




The purpose of this study was to describe the anatomy of the lungs and the distribution of the branches of the pulmonary arteries of the pacas by dissection of the bronchial tree and of the lung trunk injected with coloured latex neoprene of ten lungs properly fastened in aqueous solution of formol to the 10%, of adult pacas, males and female. It was observed in 100% of the cases studied that the right lung of the paca is constituted by four lobes, which were de1imnited by well defined inter1obar grooves. Four 1obes were indentified: crania1, medium, caudal and accessory, the 1ast one subdivided into lateral and media1 portions. The 1eft 1ung had on1y two lobes: crania1 and cauda1. The right pu1monary artery sent out the branch of the cranial lobe, which divided itself into ascending and descending branches. The next branch arising from the right pulmonary artery was the branch of the accessory 1obe and divided itself into lateral and media1 branches. The 1ast branch arising form the pu1monary artery was the branch of the cauda1 1obe, which originated seven to 16 arterial branches. The left pulmonary artery sent out the independent ascending and descending branches and in the end continued as the branch of the caudal lobe, which sent out six to 14 arterial branches.


rodents animal morphology lungs pacas artérias pulmão pacas morfologia animal arteries roedores

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