Ler literatura: o exercício do prazer : educação literária por meio de oficinas de leitura




This research aims at establishing a brigde between theory that is discussed in the academic field in the university and pedagogical practice that takes place in the classroom at the school level. This proposal is justified since it is clear the little contact of the middle level student with reading of literature, whose teaching is still today based on the Jesuits`s model and the metalecture works. We began our reflection by reconstructuring the path for the construction of reading in society in order to investigate this process associated with literature . We also think through reading established as a discipline of education and the legal aspected related to it. Next, we dealt with literaty interpretation in the authors point of view of the text and of the language perspective taking into account the contribution of these theoretical perspectives to the teaching of literature. Considering reading as a cogniteve act , dialogic and highly political, we discussed the importance of reading and its implications in the readers life. Thus, we reflected on the aesthetics of reception, dialogue and text genres as theories that can significantly contribute to the teaching of literature. Based on this hypothesis, we made proposals for literary reading workshops expecting to involve the reader with this kind of texts. We presented a reflection on the reception of workshops applied in the learning environment. In fact, the proposals are aimed to establish a dialogue with the teacher and persuade his/her to change his/her pedagogical practice: the abandonment of metalecture for the daily exercise reading of literature, in the teaching environment.


lingüística, letras e artes literatura leitura dialogismo/recepção.

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