Leitura e cogniÃÃo no hipertexto




Computer technology has changed the way human beings see themselves, the world and the other. It has permitted the creation of advanced graphic interfaces which allow the common user (one without great computer knowledge), to expand his creativity, as well as, establish new forms of communicating. Among these, we find the email, the chat, the Internet Forums, virtual communities and reference portals, such as Wikipedia. This one has been identified as the largest collaborative work done online, designed to be a database of entries in all areas of human knowledge, and in several languages. Considering that, this paper intends to check how Course of Arts students apprehend and assess the reading on the Internet from online encyclopedia entries in contrast to his experience as a reader of the printed material. To that end, students were selected when taking between 6 and 8 of periods, with qualification in Portuguese / English and Portuguese / Spanish, or only Portuguese. Before reading online, the informants responded to two questionnaires: a sociocultural one and a metacognitive one, as tools for data collecting. Even within the instruments for collecting data, we used two entries (articles) from two different areas found at Wikipedia, the Portuguese version; we recorded the reading and studentâs comments on the computer. The analysis suggested that the use of texts from which the reader has more background knowledge, in addition to producing more inferences, may also help in the receptiveness of the text. In contrast, texts that are not part of the readerâs knowledge require more effort in the meaning production, and therefore have less receptivity. The data and samples of the questionnaires showed that the virtual reading still causes anxiety and doubt in readers, and that, even those with a positive attitude towards digital media, still prefer the printed material, whether by factors of readability, as the absence of links, or by other factors, as the authorship


verbete cogniÃÃo cognition reading online letras leitura online encyclopedia entry

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