Lavando a Alma: análise do contexto de uma sala de aula de língua inglesa de escola pública sob a luz da teoria do caos/complexidade. / Letting It All Out:analyzing an English classroom context in a state school based on chaos/complexity theory.




This research is an ethnographic case study that analyzes, in a descriptive form, the English language lessons in a second year high school classroom in a state school in the city of Goiânia. For this, we conducted a participant-observation research study, which, according to Spradley (1980), occurs when the researcher observes what happens in the research field and also participates in the activities that occur therein. The aim of this study was to know the difficulties faced by the actors in the classroom examined in order to propose what we call action or intervention to help control one of the known difficulties that, in this case was indiscipline during the English classes. Our proposed action was to carry out activities that would promote peer interaction and cooperative and/or collaborative learning, encouraging students‟ participation in the classes (FIGUEIREDO, 2006; OXFORD, 1997). During the research, we realized that several factors influenced the English classroom dynamics and thus the students‟ behavior. Therefore, the classroom under study and the issue of indiscipline in the English classes could not be seen in isolation. In order to best understand this reality, we used chaos/complexity theory (LARSEN-FREEMAN, 1997), comparing the English language classroom to a complex system. According to Larsen-Freeman (1997), complex systems are dynamic, complex, nonlinear, chaotic, unpredictable, sensitive to initial conditions, open, selforganizing, adaptive and sensitive response. By proposing this perspective of the classroom as a complex system, this study helps to understand that the difficulties experienced in the English language classroom, amongst them indiscipline, must be faced by all those who, directly or indirectly, take part in this complex system.


sala de aula de língua inglesa sistema complexo. indisciplina escola pública. linguistica 1.língua inglesa(ensino médio)-estudo e ensino- escola pública- goiânia (go). 2. língua inglesa (ensino médio)-manejo de classe- goiânia (go) english language classroom complex system indiscipline state school.

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