Laser de guia de onda no infravermelho longinquo




An experimental study with a waveguide laser operating in the far infrared range and optically pumped by monochromatic lines of a CO2 continuous laser is developed. A general review of existing theories is presented and properties of methyl alcohol and its usefulness as active medium are analysed. Propagation modes and ettenuation constants of cylindrical waveguides for far infrared are studied. An apparatus was constructed for experiments. With this apparatus a laser was operated with CH3OH as active medium. some lines were measured and assigned, and its behavior was studied as function of gas pressure and tube diameter. Investigation was carried out on the effects of C6H14 ( n-hexane ) as buffer in the performance of the CH3OH laser, showing that with addition of C6H14 one can operate the laser with pressures higher than those required in the case of pure CH3OH


detectores infravermelhos lasers em fisica

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