Ladies of staff: a study of the Brotherhood of Good Death of São Gonçalo dos Campos. / Senhoras do cajado: um estudo sobre a Irmandade da Boa Morte de São Gonçalo dos Campos.




This Work is about the Boa Morte Association of São Gonçalo dos Campos in Bahia, the habit and visions of the world and its members, black women that belong in the past to low levels of the society. The Boa Morte Association is product of remeaning from African Female Institutions, Catholic Religiosity and progressively begins space of anothers religions activities from Africa, in the shodow of Catholicism The Chronological Universe is from 1900 to 1950. The period the Catholic Church Wanted to rebuild it influence in Brazilian Society, with the goal to put the popular Catholicism in the rules established from ecclesiastical ortodoxe and be close to state. The Boa Morte Association was one of the biggest expressions of popular religiosity in the municipality, over there is was a space of sociability to black women and discrimination in the local society.


religiosidade religiosity association irmandade práticas culturais black women ciencias humanas cultural practices mulheres negras

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