La producción científica en el estudio de experiencia de usuario en educación: caso Web of Science y Scopus






Abstract This work has the goal to make an approximation of the evolution and general features present in scientific production disclosed in Web of Science and in Scopus, related to the study of user experience in education. The work analyzes the totality of the production registered in the indexation systems taken as a case of study, 194 records obtained from the use of terms user experience and edoucation. The study carries out a content analysis of the abstract and institutional, editorial and author information exposed in the Web of Science andScopus, in addition to the analysis of the bibliometric indicators of each identified work. Obtained data show that more than 80% of the scientific production around the topic addressed, mostly generated in scientific events, has been produced in the last 5 years, under the authorship and institutional affiliation of academic institutions and publishers from the United States. This would point out to a new academic framework, of growing interest, around the analysis of the user experience from an educational perspective, conditioned bya highly focused debate on a geographical area, which is assuming a prominent role in the first approaches that are emerging on this subject, at the scientific level.

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