La importancia de la Historia de la Química en la enseñanza escolar: análisis del pensamiento y elaboración de material didáctico de profesores en formación


Ciência & Educação (Bauru)




The recognition of the importance of incorporating metascientific disciplines in the professional educational practice is one of the aspects in which the research in Didactics of the Sciences is focusing nowadays. In this study we analyze several factors found in the thought of a group of teachers in relation to the didactic implications of including the history of the Chemistry in the sequences of education. In a progressive order of autonomy, in the first phase it is valued to theoretical level, in the second one, materials are analyzed by different didactic approaches, and in the third phase they create their own materials. In the fourth phase we analyze the coherence degree in the previous phases, and a representative sample is chosen among the participants, to be interviewed in the fifth phase.

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