La implementación local de la atención primaria en la Argentina: estudio de caso en el municipio de Lanús, provincia de Buenos Aires


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Results of the second phase of a multicenter study on Primary Health Care are here presented, which were implemented by the National University of Lanús and by the Network of Research on Health Systems and Services of the Southern Cone, financed by the International Development Research Center (Canada). The objective of this phase was to describe the translation of Primary Health Care models into practices, services, and processes. It is a case study that applied the survey of Primary Health Care Fast Evaluation (Barbara Starfield, adaptation by Almeida/Macinko) to users and staff of health centers at Lanús municipality. Primary Health Care managers were interviewed, and participatory workshops were organized. Results indicate that the global index of performance of the Primary Health Care in the municipality was satisfactory with high scores on the dimensions 'professional link' and 'professional training', and low on 'access' and on 'community guidance'.

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